Casting talent of all ages for commercial and film/TV actors, industrial spokes and day players, voice-over, corporate video and film/TV narrators, and radio station promo voices, live industrial/trade show, and commercial print talent, represent a wide variety of looks, skills, abilities, ethnicities, union and non-union talent. 



"If there is no wind, row damn it," said the Casting Director with 25 years of Commercial, Film, Episodic, Industrial Music Videos, VO and Print experience under her oh sooo tight proverbial belt!!!!

HMMM... Something about me. Well, I love to laugh, learn, share, listen, cuddle, kiss, feel safe (not necessarily in that order). Try to live my life in the "Now". I truly believe that the PAST is gone, the FUTURE a mystery, the PRESENT a gift, don't have time for people with baggage (unless it's Samsonite) (lol) Everyone has it, just don't let it be all-consuming. I am a "Shebrew, but more spiritual than anything else and definitely not a part of the "Collective Herd". Just an independent, creative, intelligent, care-free soul hiking up the mountain of consciousness everyday!!!!!

Pat Skiles

Having a former, SAG Talent agency in Houston for 15 years has set the stage now. Being a Casting Director is the highlight of my career. I love working with people and grateful to be with all the beautiful diverse cultures here in Houston and Texas. Appreciate all the Talent Agencies we work with and know how hard they work. 

I believe we are put on this Earth for a purpose, and helping others achieve their dreams and goals is mine. Blessing to All.